All Power America APG3014 2,000 Watt 4-Stroke Gas Powered Portable Generator

Only a few electrical generators can boast the level of versatility provided by the 46539 unit developed and manufactured by Champion Power Equipment and even fewer have such a ridiculously low price. In all honesty, the unit seamlessly combines an incredible amount of surge/running power with great fuel efficiency and running convenience to bring you one of the most reliable electrical generators on the market. While it is fairly true that it doesn’t run on propane, the good news is that the gasoline based engine has brilliantly passed all the standard verifications and it is approved for operating all across the United States. Let’s glance at the main features.




Features of Champion Power Equipment 46539




  • The 196 cc OHV motor of the unit sports a max of 6.5 HP and operates at 3,600 RPM
  • The running power of the 46539 model is 3,500W while the max surge power is 4,000W
  • Produces single phase AC current at 120V and on 60 Hz frequencies
  • The fuel capacity of the Champion Power Equipment 46539’s tank is 3.8 gallons (recommended fuel for  the generator is unleaded, 85+ octane, 10% or less ethanol gasoline)
  • Capacity of the oil chamber is 0.64 quarts (suggested oil type is SAE 10W-30)
  • The unit can be turned on/off via button, pull cord (recoil) and remote control (RF signal)
  • The automated choke feature guarantees a quick, first time start for your power generator for maximum convenience
  • The Inteligauge panel will display details such as frequency of the current, voltage, hours of functioning, etc
  • The fuel gauge shows users the amount of fuel left in the tank
  • The accumulator powering the on/off switch is 12V/9Ah
  • The 46539 model is equipped with a low oil level sensor for engine protection
  • The unit is encased within a 1 inch robust tubular framework constructed from steel alloysIt will operate non-stop for up to 12 hours on a single fuel tank (half load)
  • The outlets of the unit include 1 x Twistlock outlet (120V), 1 x TT30R outlet for RVs (120V) and 2 x Duplex outlets (120V)
  • The operating noise levels of the power generator will not exceed 68 dB
  •  The dimensions of the unit are 27.2 inches in length, 24.2 inches in width and 23.6 inches in height, weighing approximately 140 pounds (empty tank)
  • Highly portable thanks to the 8 inch wheels
  • The package also includes the spark arrestor, the oil funnel and sufficient oil for the first time and the spark plug socket





Specialty websites as well as customers have awarded the Champion Power Equipment 46539 generator an average of 4.5-4.6 stars due to its ability to supply the necessary power in a wide array of situations, such as construction projects and home power outages or RV camping trips. Needless to say, the rating is well earned and a quick glimpse over the features incorporated in the model is enough to understand why.



One of the principle highlights of the 46539 model is its engine’s compliance with standards like CARB and EPA (fuel emission), which makes this generator usable in all states across the US, unlike most gasoline based generators. Furthermore, the achievements of the engine don’t stop here, because the ability to run uninterrupted for up to 12 hours is an industry peak.


Next off, the remote control start of the unit is a feature that you will rarely see in electrical generators within this price range. It is also necessary to point out that the remote operates on RF signals, which implies that you can control the 46539 from up to 80 feet away.


Lastly, the compact dimensions and the portability, the power generator and the safety feature come together brilliantly to paint the picture of one of the most functional and versatile units on the market.



Other than scarce issues related to damage during transportation, no actual problems have been reported.




A unit with a excellent quality-price ratio that constitutes the meeting point of convenience, functionality, portability, efficiency and robustness, the Champion Power Equipment 46539 electrical generator represents the advent of gasoline-based units in the industry and the type of alternative (or even main) power solution for a plethora of situations.

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